Northspirit Born to Shine at Flintsky WTD WPD WWPD AWPD'C AWPD'B AWPD'S AWTD'C AWTD'B

DOB: 08.07.13       PN Clear     CD Clear    LC Carrier

Hips 6/5       Eyes Clear: April 2017,  June 2018

Memphis is our special girl, our first malamute and the foundation of Flint Sky. Our hopes were surpassed many times over in Memphis as she is a dog who simply excels at everything she tries and she absolutely loves to work. Her intelligence is incredible and keeping her happily occupied and mentally stimulated does keep us on our toes! She is a phenomenon at obedience and a joy to show and always excited to try something new. She loves her quiet couch time at home, but turns into a driven worker the moment we are on the trail. Her starting line screams are legendary.  Whether pulling the rig, doing weightpull, backpacking, obedience or even showing. Memphis does it all with her whole heart and is always ready for more. A very sweet natured girl, Memphis adores people and especially children, and is very polite with the other pets in the house .She's very much our  'Momma Dog' who looks after everyone, including our cat, Tybalt, and makes sure that everyone is in line. She is intrinsic to our household, and our pack wouldn't work without her.

Snow Forest Road

Memphis' achievements

  • Show Awards

    1st Place in first ever show - Junior Bitch  2015

    1st Place National Dog Show 2017

    1st Place Bath Champ Show 2016

    Crufts 3rd Place 2018

    1st OB Boston 2019

    Stud Book Number

    Crufts Qualified for Life

  • Racing and Trekking

    AMWA 2016/2017 M2 Championship 3rd Place
    AMWA 2015/2016 M2 Championship 3rd place

    AWTD Copper and Bronze title holder
    AMCA Working Team Dog title holder

    AMCUK Working Malamute of the Year Top Rally Bitch 2016-2017

    AMWA 2017-2018 M1 Championship 1st Place

    AMWA 2018-2019 M1 Championship 1st Place

    Winner of the Polar Run Trophy Aviemore 2018

  • Weightpull

    A first place win in her weight class in First Ever weightpull at 17 months

    Most times body weight pulled (15.6x) AMCUK Eastleigh 2017

    AMCUK Eastleigh Championship 5th Place

    AMCUK 1st place in weight class

    AMCUK Eastleigh Most times body weight pulled on the day

  • Backpacking

    AMWPD C - 40 miles carrying 10% of body weight

    AWPD'B - 40 miles carrying 20% of body weight

    AWPD'S - 60 miles carrying 30% of body weight

    AMCA WPD - 40 miles carrying 30% of body weight



Memphis' Show Critiques

 Very pretty head, correct proportioned muzzle, eye a touch round but well set. Small well set ears. Well proportioned body, still raw at the moment, but plenty of time to come. Good length of leg. Correct moderate angulations front & rear with an excellent broad thigh, strong hocks & nice short strong pasterns. Correct sized & well arched feet. Strong topline, which was held on the move. Good tail set & carriage. Correct bone for size. Well-muscled. Once settled she excelled in movement, clean coming & going & a powerful & faultless balanced side gait. I will watch this youngster mature with interest.

1st Place - Judge Nicola Singh - Boston and District 2015

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